We thank God for allowing us to provide PGC EGiving - it's quick, easy, confidential, and secure. PayPal is the authorized payment processor for Pleasant Grove Church which makes it easy to submit your tithes, offerings and gifts even when you’re unable to attend church due to vacation, business trip or perhaps you've moved.

Whatever the reason, you can still rejoice in the miracle of giving and receiving by following the simple instructions below.

No personal PayPal account is needed to make a donation.

If you prefer to use regular mail send to:

P.O. Box 3603 * Cary NC 27519-3603

f you would like to make a donation to Pleasant Grove Church through the secure online PayPal option, here are the easy steps:
1 - Fill out the form below
2 - Click the DONATE button
3 - Enter your donation amount and then click the "update total" button
4 - Enter your information for either your credit card or PayPal account
An email confirmation will be sent to you showing you exactly what you donated
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